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Junk Cars Jacksonville
10042 New Kings Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32219
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Wrecked Cars, Vans & Trucks

Don’t worry we can help!

→ No collision coverage or high deductible? Don’t want to drive a wrecked car?
→ Wrecker Service storing your car with their fees growing larger every day?
→ City threatening to fine you and tow your wrecked car?

Our driver comes to you, pays cash on the spot, and tows away the problem for free. Because we are a Salvage Dealer Licensed, Bonded and Insured by the State of Florida you will have the peace of mind in knowing the car will be taken out of your name and disposed of legally.  So if you are in the Jacksonville, FL area give us a call.

We provide a convenient resource for getting used or unsightly cars out of your yard while helping to clean up the environment.


  • We pay more for your wrecked car
  • The process is fast, easy and legal
  • We come to you
  • Towing is free
  • Your problem will be solved within a hour